Best trading system for cryptocurrency

With Gunbot you have a perfect trading system: emotionless trading with proven working strategies. 24/7.

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Gunbot is the #1 trading system for crypto exchanges

Advanced trading features

Advanced trading features

Automatic trading on your the best crypto exchanges. Gunbot offers over 25 proven trading bot strategies and you can fully customize them!

Other trading systems are often limited in several ways: how many trading pairs you can run, or how many trades you are allowed to make. Gunbot does not have restrictions. For a single life time fee you can use the bot to its full potential on your favorite exchange.

Easy to use crypto trading system

Easy to learn trading system

Gunbot trading system works on Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with a great browser interface. Everyone can start learning to use Gunbot in just minutes.

We have a great wiki, where every single feature is described. Besides that, Gunbot has a very active Telegram community where everyone can learn from each other.

Advantages of using the best trading system

Exchange support

Gunbot supports the most popular crypto exchanges, enabling you to go where the most trading volume is.

Advanced features

With over 30 advanced strategies Gunbot is perfectly suited for even the most demanding traders.

Risk management

Profit is great, but you can't always have it. Gunbot offers a lot of options to deal with trades gone wrong.

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