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Beat the market by trading with Gunbot: be faster, have a better strategy and be the one who takes the profits.

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Complete set of crypto trading features

Very complete trading features

Gunbot supports fully automatic trading on many crypto exchanges. Over 25 great trading bot strategies are included, and you can fully customize them to let the bot really work for you!

Other bots are often limited in how many trading pairs you can run, or how many trades you are allowed to make. Gunbot does not have such restrictions. For a one time fee you can use the bot to its full potential.

Easy to install trading bot software

Have your trading bot up in 10 minutes.

It only takes a few minutes to install Gunbot and start automated trading on your favorite exchange. The software works on Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with a great browser interface.

For advanced users the bot can be fully run through the the console - even multiple instances of Gunbot are allowed.

Why Gunbot is the best trading bot

Exchange support

Gunbot supports trading on all major crypto exchanges, enabling you to go where the most trading volume is.

Advanced features

With over 25 advanced strategies Gunbot is perfectly suited for even the most demanding traders.

Risk management

Profit is great, but you can't always have it. Gunbot offers a lot of options to deal with trades gone wrong.

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