Better day trading with Gunbot

Use Gunbot to bring your day trading to the next level: more pairs, faster trading.

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Gunbot is the perfect companion software for day trading

Advanced trading features for day trading

Advanced trading features

Trade fully automatic on your favorite crypto exchanges. Gunbot offers over 25 proven trading bot strategies and you can fully customize them!

As a day trader, you can use Gunbot to set it up to run on the pairs you see the most potential in for the day. This way, you can trade on more pairs at the same time without monitoring everything yourself all the time.

Easy to setup day trading software

Easy to setup day trading software

The Gunbot day trading software works on Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with a great browser interface. Everyone can start using Gunbot in just minutes.

Don't like graphical user interfaces? No problem! Advanced users can run Gunbot through the console, even through PM2.

Advantages of a bot for day trading

Exchange support

Gunbot supports trading on all major crypto exchanges, enabling you to go where the most trading volume is.

Advanced features

With over 30 advanced strategies Gunbot is perfectly suited for even the most demanding day traders.

Risk management

Profit is great, but you can't always have it. Gunbot offers a lot of options to deal with trades gone wrong.

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