Get awesome support for Gunbot

You are not on your own after you've purchased Gunbot from us.

We are available almost anytime to answer your questions about using or installing Gunbot. We don't care if you are an absolute beginner or a very experienced trader, we just try to help out.  

Don't expect canned responses from us, we provide individual solutions as every problem might be different.

Premium support from Awesome Gunbot

You get direct access to some of Gunbot staff. Our private and staffed support group on Telegram is there for you whenever you need help.

We currently have four support admins from three different time zones. Usually you'll get an answer within minutes!

Don’t like Telegram or have an issue that requires more discretion? Of course you can also e-mail us! We will try our best to provide awesome support!                            

Official and community driven resources

Gunbot is fully documented on a public wiki. You can find very detailed information about every possible setting.

Besides the wiki and support channels, Gunbot has a very active community, with loads of experienced users willing to discuss. After all, everyone started as an inexperienced user at one point. On Telegram there is a huge group exclusive to Gunbot customers, you will be invited after purchasing Gunbot.

There is also an official forum where users voluntarily help each other. A growing number of user built Gunbot extensions are also available there.

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