Awesome support for Gunbot

You are not on your own after you’ve purchased Gunbot.
Our staffed private Telegram group will help you, and you can always email us! Four support admins are there for you around the clock.

We have a great wiki where the product is fully documented, it’s kept up to date and improved based on user feedback almost daily.

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Get the awesome Gunbot support you deserve

Get Awesome Gunbot premium support

Premium support from Awesome Gunbot

You get direct access to some of Gunbot staff. We create the Gunbot browser interface and Wiki - and take support very seriously.

Our private and staffed support group on Telegram is there for you whenever you need help running Gunbot. We currently have four support admins from three different time zones. Usually you'll get an answer within minutes!

Don’t like Telegram? Of course you can also e-mail us personally! We will try our best to provide awesome support!

Telegram community support

Community support on Telegram and forum

Gunbot has a very active community, with loads of experienced users willing to help. After all, most of us started as inexperienced users at one point.

On Telegram there is a huge group exclusive to Gunbot customers, you will be invited after purchasing Gunbot with us.

There is also an official forum where users help each other. A growing number of user built Gunbot extensions are also available here.

Do you have questions about Gunbot? Then contact us personally!
We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.