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Selected package: Gunbot RT Standard edition

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Get free awesome, personal support for anything Gunbot. You'll get access to our private support group on Telegram and an email based ticket system to help you with any Gunbot related question.

This support group is our way of saying thank you for using the partner links on our site to purchase a Gunbot license.
We will use this email address to invite you to our community and inform you about Gunbot software updates. is our partner and the developer of Gunbot.
The payment process accepts Bitcoin.

Checklist for a smooth start

Gunbot uses a Blockchain license verification system, the initial steps to get started are a bit different from regular online transactions. After your order you can use Gunbot immediately.
We made this checklist for you to be up and running in the shortest amount of time.

  • Have an ERC-20 (Ethereum) compatible wallet ready. Not an exchange wallet.
    Your Gunbot license will be registered to this wallet address, you can change this address at any time after you've setup Gunbot.

    Sounds complicated? It just takes a few minutes if you follow these instructions.
  • Create API keys for the exchanges you want to use Gunbot on.
    This is optional, but the fastest way to get up and running. You can update your API keys at any later time.
    Use fictional placeholders if you just aren't ready to create your API key(s) yet.

    Not sure how to do this? Follow this guide.

Frequently asked questions

Who is is the official developer of Gunbot. We are an affiliate partner of, and offer a free, high quality support community for anyone using our links.

I'm new to this, will you help?

Sure! We know this software can be a bit intimidating to start with. We'll help you all the way and make sure you get it running and understand how to handle the software.

Is Gunbot difficult to learn?

Gunbot is easy to start with, and admittedly hard to fully master - as with any complex software project. Be prepared to learn something new every week, it's fun though!