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cryptocurrency trading bot

Automatically trade on your favorite cryptocurrency exchange.
You are in charge of your trading strategy parameters, while Gunbot - as an altcoin trading bot - does the actual work for you, 24/7!

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Investing in cryptocurrency made easy: fully automatic trading

Gunbot is a multiplatform trading bot

Install Gunbot on your computer or VPS

Gunbot is an actively developed multiplatform trading bot. It runs on Windows, Mac or Linux, even on your Raspberry Pi! By keeping the software on a computer you control, you are fully in charge of your trading.

It comes with an easy to use graphical user interface, but the core can also be used through a command line interface.

You can run Gunbot on your local computer or a VPS – there are no limits really. You could even run a whole farm of Gunbots from AWS, if you’re into that.

Trade crypto automatically

Automatically trade cryptocurrencies

By connecting to the API of your favorite crypto exchange you enable Gunbot to trade automatically for you. Gunbot can trade any coin pair available on your exchange. For example, you could trade BTC-ETH, USDT-BTC or even ETH-XMR.

Gunbot lets you select and customize your own trading strategy and trading pairs. The bot will then execute exactly what you set it to do: buy low, sell higher.

You can choose from over 25 different trading strategies,
all of them are completely customizable.
We have a great community for sharing trading tips too!

Profit with Gunbot

Increase your trading profits

With Gunbot you can fully execute your trading strategies on as many pairs as you want, all the time. And maybe most important: you can keep emotional decisions out of the game.

Instead of manually placing orders, you can spend your time optimizing your general strategy to increase your trading profits. Let Gunbot take care of the repetitive work while you focus on how to get as much profit as possible from the markets.

Gunbot does not sleep, so you can let it exploit every opportunity on the crypto market at any time of the day.

Installation guide

See for yourself how easy it is to setup Gunbot. Within five minutes you're done and will have Gunbot trading automatically for you.

Gunbot takes investing in cryptocurrency to the next level

Grow your crypto portfolio

Use Gunbot to automatically trade on as many different cryptocurrencies as you want and increase your assets value.

Beats manual trading

Never miss an opportunity again! By trading with a cryptocurrency trading bot, you are on top of the crypto markets 24/7.

Minimize your risks

You can’t always profit. But Gunbot enables you to sell bad performing pairs at a stop limit – or average them down automatically.

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