Execute trades from a
custom strategy at TradingView

With the TradingView add-on you can have Gunbot execute signals sent from tradingview.com on supported crypto exchanges.

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Got skills at tradingview? Realize your strategy.


Use Gunbot to execute a custom strategy at tradingview.com. This allows for maximum flexibility in designing your strategy.

For power users

The TradingView add-on for Gunbot is especially made for power users who know exactly how they want to trade.

Margin trading

You like like shorting? On Poloniex you can use the TradingView add-on to execute margin trades.

Use all the advantages of TradingView together with Gunbot

Connect Gunbot to Tradingview.com

Execute your custom strategy on TradingView

With the TradingView add-on you can let Gunbot execute signals sent by your custom strategy on tradingview.com. This empowers you to use Gunbot for every trading strategy you could imagine.

Signals are sent from TradingView via email, Gunbot picks these up by connecting to the IMAP server of your email provider. It is recommended to use an email address exclusively used for this purpose.

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