Keep trading during downtrends
with reversal trading

Reversal trading enables trading in both directions: when prices go down you accumulate, when prices go up you profit.

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Reversal trading is unique to Gunbot

Low risk

Only the initially invested capital is used for reversal trading, making this an almost risk free option.

Get rid of bags

By accumulating while prices drop, Gunbot can exit much faster than just by waiting until the market recovers.


Only Gunbot offers reversal trading, making it the first bot to trade successfully in downtrending markets.

Get rid of bags much faster without extra investment

Gunbot reversal trading

Trading in both directions

Reversal trading enables you to keep trading even when markets are going down. While prices drop, Gunbot will use only the already invested capital to accumulate more units of an already purchased asset.

When the market goes slightly up again, you???ll have more units to sell and can profit even at lower prices than you originally paid for a coin.

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