Headless mode for power users

Do you prefer to work via console interfaces? Gunbot got you covered.

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Flexible headless mode


Built with Node.js, Gunbot is easy to run on any system. There are no software dependencies.

JSON config

Configure Gunbot with a single JSON configuration file. All options are well documented.


Each time a change is registered in the configuration file, Gunbot automatically runs your changes.

Gunbot is just as powerful in headless mode

Gunbots fully supports running on headless systems

No dependencies, portable installation

The headless version of Gunbot comes as a packaged Node.js application, it???s portable and does not require any software dependencies. You can run as many instances as you like, a common use case is to run one instance per exchange that you use Gunbot on.

If you prefer to use PM2 to launch and log Gunbot instances, the headless mode is perfect for you.

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