Powerful trading strategies

Trading strategies are fully configurable.
You can use confirming indicators like Stochastic, RSI and MFI in all strategies.

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You can combine strategies: use one for selling and another for buying

Well tested

Over 300 beta testers test new strategies before they are released as part of stable Gunbot releases. They risk their money before you have to.

Community based

Many of Gunbot strategies and their options originate directly from community feedback. New stuff is added very frequently.

Indicator confirmations

Each strategy can use a range of options like RSI confirmations, or price trailing after the strategy exit point as been reached.

Strategies from 1-click to highly configurable

Trailing stop / stop limit

Set a minimum gain and trail market prices when they exceed this: as long as prices go up Gunbot won???t sell yet, only when prices to finally start to go down and the trailing stop limit is hit, a sell order will be placed.

Buying with this strategy works similar: you???d define a starting point for trailing below EMA, then Gunbot starts trailing for the best buy price.


This strategy is meant for beginning traders who don???t want to mess with settings at all. With Emotionless, all you ever need to is set your trading limit and hit start.

Emotionless is a relatively safe microtrade strategy, based on the ichimoku cloud indicator.


Set a range of minimum and maximum profit, and Gunbot will sell when the trend reverses from and uptrend to a downtrend while the price is in range. This strategy is excellent at riding trends and finding very high exit points.

Buying with Stepgain works similar: you define a range below EMA where the bot may buy. As soon as a downtrend reverses to an uptrend, Gunbot will buy.

Bollinger Bands

This is a purely indicator based strategy, you set the distances from the lower and upper Bollinger Bands that you want Gunbot to buy and sell or. Additionally, set a minimum gain level for each trade.

This strategy is often used in combination with RSI for buying: this way Gunbot only buys when both RSI indicates an oversold market and the price hits the lower Bollinger Band.


Using the ichimoku cloud indicator, this strategy aims to be a safe strategy for long term trading.

Entry and exit points consider tenkan sen, kijun sen and kumu sentiments.

Ping Pong

Sometimes coins hit the same resistance and support prices repeatedly for a sustained period of time. This is perfect for the Ping Pong strategy, which buys and sells when specific prices occur.


A very quick way of trading is to not try to find the best exit point, but instead always sell when a set percentage of gain has been reached. This is what the Gain strategy is all about.

Buying with Gain occurs at a defined percentage below EMA.

Custom (beta)

Just new: define your own fully custom strategy in Gunbot.

Choose from indicators like SMA, MACD, MFI, RSI, Stochastic and Bollinger Bands and create your own trading strategy.

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