Enhance your manual trading with Gunbot

Automate certain elements of your trading style and focus on what you do best.

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Gunbot is a versatile tool

Sell once

Use Gunbot to automatically sell your manually bought assets close to the top of a pump.

Bag management

Own bags that are deep in the red? Use Gunbot to automatically average it down and get out at profit.

Bargain hunter

Setup Gunbot to pick up some coins when very specific indicator conditions appear.

Great tools for experienced traders

Emotionless exit points

Do you regularly buy assets manually with the aim of selling them at the next pump? Using Gunbot you can fully automate the selling part. It takes just seconds to start running a selling strategy for a coin on Gunbot.

Using a trend following or price trailing strategy, you can easily have Gunbot sell the coins you bought close to the peak of the next run up. As a machine, emotions won???t get in the way of finding a good exit point. As soon as your defined selling conditions occur, assets will be sold.

Manage your existing bags

Made some investments lately that turned out to be a bad idea? With Gunbot you can try to get rid of these in a profitable way, with a lot more options than just putting a sell order at the exchange.

With automatic dollar cost averaging (DCA), you can have Gunbot automatically average down your bought price. You control how much extra funds is allowed to get invested, and when. With reversal trading you can unbag without investing additional funds, as it used the bags value to accumulate more of an asset while prices drop.

Pick up bargains with Gunbot

With Gunbot you can set very strict criteria to pick up some coins when they really hit low points. You can choose from a range of criteria for buying, or combine them.

For example, you could have Gunbot buy a specific coin only when: Stochastic is below 20, RSI is below 30, price is at least 5% below EMA and a downtrend just reversed to an uptrend.

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