Automatic dollar cost averaging
with double up

Automatically purchase more of an asset when prices drop to bring the average price per unit down and get rid of bags.

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Flexible dollar cost averaging


Dollar cost averaging: effectively bring down the average price per unit by investing more at lower price points.

Get rid of bags

By reducing the price per unit, you???ll be able to sell assets at profit at a way lower point than the initial unit price.

Risk control

Averaging down can be costly, Gunbot gives you precise control over the costs and frequency of averaging down.

Get rid of bags with DCA

Double up dollar cost averaging

Automatically average down bags

With the built in option to use dollar cost averaging (DCA), it???s very easy to trade profitable even if prices suddenly drop a few percent after the initial purchase of an asset. After a set threshold has been crossed, Gunbot will buy more at a lower price to bring the average price per unit down.

When the market recovers a bit, you???ll be the first to profitably sell your bag. Completely automatic, of course.

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