Default settings
that actually work great

Gunbot comes with tested default settings for all strategies.
You'll be up and running in no time.

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Gunbot comes with solid, tested default settings

Tested defaults

Over 300 beta testers test all default settings before they are released as part of stable Gunbot releases.

Fully documented

All settings are well documented, use our wiki to learn more about how each settings works.


Default strategy settings are tested to be profitable, they are a great starting point for further optimizing.

All major exchanges supported for automatic trading

You will be up an running in minutes

Gunbot works out of the box

After installing Gunbot on your computer you only have to select the coins to trade on, set your trading limit and you are ready to go. Gunbot comes with default strategy settings that make sense and don???t require a lot of work to get going.

Default settings for each strategy are well tested by over 300 beta testers. This means the settings actually work and will generate profitable trades out of the box.

As a beginning Gunbot user, you can first start running the default settings and have a look at the results first. Then, it usually makes a lot of sense to optimize strategies per pair when reviewing your results. For example, you???ll notice that some coins have less price fluctuation than others, this will need to be reflected in strategy settings to get optimal results.

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