Easy to use browser based interface

Setup your trading bot and monitor your trades all, connect to it from any internet connected device.

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Gunbot runs safely on your own computer or server

Easy to use

Everyone can use Gunbot comfortably from a browser. The initial configuration takes just a few minutes.

Frequent updates

Expect frequent updates making the Gunbot interface even better. We actively listen to user feedback.

No installation

There is zero installation, just unpack a zip file and start running Gunbot. The software is fully portable.

Easy to use browser interface for Gunbot

Setting up Gunbot just takes a few minutes

Setup Gunbot in five minutes

It takes just a few minutes to setup Gunbot using the browser based interface. After starting the software you can login via your browser.

The essential configuration consists of adding your API key and secret, configuring your trading limit and adding trading pairs. A wizard will guide you through this.

Monitor your trading right from the dashboard.

Monitor your trades

The interface comes with custom charts for the coins you let Gunbot trade. Everytime a trade is made, you???ll see it appearing right in the charts. This makes it easy to see just how effective your trading strategy is, or how you can further improve it.

When you???re on the go, you can keep a close eye on your trades via a Telegram bot. Each time Gunbot makes a trade, you???ll get a notification.

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