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Powerful features to increase your trading profits

Fully automatic trading with Gunbot

Fully automatic trading

You can use Gunbot to fully automate your trading, taking advantage of commonly high fluctuation of market prices for cryptocurrency. After you’ve picked the coins to trade on and selected a trading strategy, Gunbot will perpetually buy when prices are low, and sell when prices are higher.

With close to default settings you can expect multiple daily trades per coin, each around 2% gain when they successfully close. You’ll get the best results when you regularly check your results and change coins that are not trading often.

Gunbot is a powerful tool to enhance your manual trading

Enhance your manual trading

Do you regularly manually buy assets and try to sell them close to the peak of a pump? With Gunbot you can automate the selling part: take advantage of the built-in trend watcher and trailing stop / stop loss capabilities to find excellent exit points.

You can also set Gunbot to buy once and not sell. This way you can define very specific buying criteria for a coin to pick up a bargain. For example, you could let Gunbot only buy when a specific RSI value is reached, the lower Bollinger Band is crossed or a price is a percentage below EMA. A combination of multiple factors is also possible.

Read more about how Gunbot can enhance manual trading.

Trading strategies that work

Powerful strategies

Strategies in Gunbot work by defining how much to invest and setting the criteria for both buying and selling. The different approaches to finding buying and selling points are what makes strategies different.

There are three main categories for Gunbot strategies: indicator based (for example: Bollinger Bands), price following (with a trailing stop / stop loss) and trend following (act on trend reversals).

Strategies range from very easy to use to highly configurable. In the easiest scenario, you only set your trading limit. For advanced users, there are over 40 parameters to customize trading behavior.

Gunbot supports many of the major crypto trading exchanges

Exchange support

Trade on your favorite exchanges. Gunbot supports a growing number of major crypto exchanges. Currently, most users trade on Binance, Bittrex or Poloniex.

You can use a single installation of Gunbot to trade on multiple exchanges simultaneously. Per exchange, there is no limit to the amount of coins you can trade with Gunbot.

Support for different exchanges is added regularly, every major new Gunbot release includes support for a new exchange.

Gunbot is easy to use

Easy to use & developer friendly

You don’t need any development skills to us Gunbot. You can install the software in minutes on any modern computer (system requirements) and control the bot with an easy to use browser based interface.

Alternatively, the bot can run in a headless mode. When you prefer this, just set the bots settings in a well-documented JSON file. Gunbot automatically reloads settings each time the config file gets updated, this way you could even use your own tools to automatically update your config.

Dollar cost averaging

Dollar cost averaging (DCA)

No matter how good your strategy, it will happen that an asset sometimes loses value after it was bought. Gunbot can cope with this in a number of ways, one is to automatically apply dollar cost averaging (DCA). This feature is called double up in Gunbot.

With DCA, you’d buy more of an asset after a price drop to bring down the averaged bought price. This enables you to eventually sell at a lower price than the initial price and still make a profit.

Gunbot can completely automate this. You can configure how much extra funds may be invested and when it should do so, even in multiple increments.

Keep trading in downtrends

Reversal trading

Gunbot can trade in both directions. When prices move up, naturally profits are made easily. When prices move down, Gunbot can use the already invested amount to accumulate more of that asset while prices keep falling. This is called reversal trading in Gunbot.

Automatically accumulating more assets while prices drop allows Gunbot to eventually sell at profit at a lower price than the original purchase was made for.

You can even combine dollar cost averaging with reversal trading. In case DCA has depleted its set limits, reversal trading can take over.

Keep track of your profits with Cryptosight

Monitor your trades

For each trade Gunbot makes, you automatically get a notification on Telegram. The browser interface provides charts built from the actual data the bot works with, showing you exactly when each trade was made.

With Cryptosight, an additional Telegram bot included with Gunbot RT, you can get detailed statistics on the profits you made.

Execute your strategy at tradingview

Execute trades from custom strategies at

With the optional TradingView add-on it is possible to have Gunbot execute trading signals sent from a custom strategy at

Using Gunbot this way, you fully own your trading strategy. The bot only executes exactly what you want it to do.

The TradingView add-on supports different trading limits for buy and sell orders, as well as pyramiding. On Poloniex margin trading is supported as well.

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