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Trading bot for CEX: Gunbot

Gunbot is a cex trading bot

All the features you need

Gunbot can trade on every crypto or fiat pair at CEX. Choose from tens of proven strategies, and customize them completely. Gunbot is easy to use, but you can use advanced indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands or Money Flow Index (MFI).

Use stop limits to control your risks, or even average down completely automatic when an asset starts losing value. With Gunbot you get all the tools you need to get the most gain out of CEX.

Trade crypto automatically

Best trading bot for CEX

Connect Gunbot to CEX with your REST API key. You need to set all permissions, except withdrawals, for Gunbot to fully trade on your behalf and make profits.

There are no limits set to the amount of trading pairs you want to run on CEX with this trading bot.

Profit by trading automatically at CEX

Never sleep

Gunbot does not sleep. It will take every opportunity the market provides, every day, every night.

No emotions

A trading bot for CEX has no emotions. It will just make the right decisions, according to your strategy.

Best strategies

Gunbot provides tens of proven, advanced trading strategies. Make profits like you've never seen.

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