Investing in cryptocurrency with automated trading

Gunbot allows you to trade cryptocurrency fully automatically. Make profitable trades 24/7. The most interesting way to invest in crypto.

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The dynamic way of investing in crypto

Many investors just buy a few assets and pray they will increase in value over a long time. With Gunbot you can take a fully different approach: let the software work for you and aim for multiple profitable trades per day for each asset.

This way you can spread your risk by investing in many different cryptos and only keep trading the most profitable assets. Every trade can gain you at least 1%.

Market exploiting software

You don't need programmings skills or a lot of trading knowledge to start making profits with Gunbot.

The bot is fast to install on your computer or VPS, you control the bot through an easy to use browser interface. Take control of your investments and start trading with Gunbot today!

Always spot on

By running a strategy with Gunbot, it will be executed spot on. If it sees an opportunity, it will be seized.

100% configurable

The included strategies with Gunbot are fully configurable. You control almost every trading parameter.

Risk management

Profit is great, but you can't always have it. Gunbot offers a lot of options to deal with trades gone wrong.

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