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Security tip: NEVER share the exchange API secrets with anyone.

There is no security risk to sending your API key. Please save the corresponding API secret for your own administration.
The key to register does not need to have trading permissions, as Gunbot can use a secondary key for actual trading.

By providing your exchange API key we can activate your license on the same day, you can also send it to us after your purchase.

Payments accepted in Bitcoin and a number of altcoins

Frequently asked questions

Why buy from this site?

Gunbot is available only through resellers like us, who are responsible for customer support. When you buy from us, we'll make sure you get actual good customer service.

I'm new to this, will you help?

Sure! We know this software can be a bit intimidating to start with. We'll help you all the way and make sure you get it running and understand how to handle the software.

Is Gunbot difficult to learn?

Gunbot is easy to start with, and admittedly hard to fully master - as with any complex software project. Be prepared to learn something new every week, it's fun though!

What our customers say about us

“Thanks for your support yesterday.

I can’t recommend awesome gunbot enough.
Best support I’ve had with any software I’ve purchased!”


“Your support is top notch and I will make sure anyone else that I know that buys this software buys from you :)

the help is greatly appreciated, I know how challenging it can be answering basic noob questions over and over again as a pro”


“I have to say that Gunbot is an awesome piece of software, it seems that it works great for the most part.

On top of that the customers service that you provide is outstanding.”


“Dude, the support is AMAZING here”


“I appreciate your help and this channel, it really helps out”

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